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TBP Fighting Tournament Semifinals, Fight 1: Diana vs Tink

2022.01.21 00:09 Socdem_Supreme TBP Fighting Tournament Semifinals, Fight 1: Diana vs Tink

Walk Out Songs:
Diana: Jaja Ding Dong Tink: Megalovania
Diana has experience in fighting with 3 years of judo. This gives her experience in grappling and takedowns, something Taekwondo does not do well against, as we saw with Road in the first round, and it works well on its own, as seen in Round 2 versus Robbie. Diana is by a good amount the larger opponent in this fight, making her takedown an easier strategy to go for. Diana has a simple path to victory: get Tink to the ground and keep her there, where she lacks a solid defense against her. However, this task is easier said than done…
Tink is a championship level artist at Taekwondo, meaning that she can do a lot of her attacks quite effectively standing up, and making her beginning game quite strong. This does not mean however that she is defenseless otherwise, simply that she doesn’t have the advantage she wants there, being taken down does not take her out of the equation, as seen in her latest fight against Loose. She is the smaller opponent here, and while that does put her use of her martial arts at a handicap, with her strategy it could be an advantage, besides against Bandaid it was shown she can fight someone larger going for the takedown. Her strategy in this match should be two-fold: intimidation beforehand, which is quite self-explanatory, and aggressive defense. This is a strategy probably used with a different name but imma coin it here. She should be aggressive and get as many good hits in as she can without giving Diana any room to work with in her own attacks.
Tink has only fought difficult opponents at an advantage against her and won, meanwhile Diana has gone through easier versions of this fight twice now, almost in preparation. We shall see how this goes.
House Predictions: 58% chance for Diana
Let’s end the wait, shall we?
Tink screams her “HYA” a little louder than the norm this time, and Diana stares back undeterred and determined. To begin the fight, Tink runs and jump kicks Diana in the face, who barely blocks it and allows Tink to continue through with a small punch on the way to the chest, landing on her own two feet. Diana and Tink proceed to get into an almost equally matched, if someone dominated by Tink, fist-fight, with Diana occasionally going for a takedown and being punished with a kick or elbow. After about two minutes, however, Tink begins to tire, and Diana sweeps the legs, and Tink lands on the ground on her back. She attempts to roll away, but Diana gets to her and pins her down. Tink then grabs her head with both arms, turns her upper body, and smashes it into her elbow. The two get up, with Tink having a bruised back of the head and Diana with a bloody nose. They circle in tire for another minute until the both are about to be forced to the ground on delaying, when Tink throws a punch. It was dodged by Diana, who gets behind her, grabs her hips, and throws her to the ground in a chokehold. Tink attempts to punch back, to no avail, with Diana holding her grip. Then, Tink plants her legs, kicks over, lands behind Diana, still held, and flattens out, loosening Diana’s hold enough to free herself, and the both get up again, Tink escaping her hold. One Minute until Sudden Death. Diana calls a timeout, something that hasn’t yet been done, as you’re only allowed one all tournament.
Both return after a few minutes, rejuvenated and all cleaned up from the blood of Diana’s nose and Tink’s bad bruises. The fight begins again, and the fight-kick-fight from earlier resumes, and in one of Tink’s kicks, Diana gets the advantage again, and the same takedown with the hips is done as before, except Tink turns around and falls with Diana practically hugging her. She puts her forearm on her throat. Diana struggles for control. 15 seconds. Diana punches Tink hard. Diana is on top of Tink doing the same thing to her. 10 seconds. Tink manages to get back on top. 5 seconds. They both continue struggling. Sudden Death Time!!!
In Sudden Death, the first person to land a strike or takedown wins the match. Both know what happens here. Tink will make a strike, and if Diana can avoid it and take Tink down she wins and if not Tink wins. The begin to circle, damaged and tired. The suspense is killing the crowd. Diana feigns a punch, but both know it’s not gonna happen that way. All the sudden, Tink jabs with her forearm, it’s pushed to the side, Tink follows through, and hook kicks with the gained momentum, hitting Diana directly in the chest.
Tink wins, and will face the winner of Slashy vs Tai next.
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2022.01.21 00:09 mmrosie *possible trigger*

some people say that if you aren’t truly repentant over your sin then you aren’t really saved. i know that i’ve been repentant about some things but i don’t know for sure if i am about everything. what if i’m really not repentant about something?? i’m so scared that i’m sinning everyday but not turning and repenting of it, but there are some things where i genuinely don’t know if it’s a sin or not. how can i be repentant if i don’t even know if i’m doing something wrong. any insight would be greatly appreciated
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2022.01.21 00:09 not_nebraska 20F - Going back to uni next week. Tell me about your studies!

Just thinking about uni gives me so much anxiety. Anyone else feels the same way? I’m still doing online classes which is kinda isolating but I have a hold with my time, I guess.. although work seems to pile up a lot. I’m a boring person and I don’t have much hobbies. If you’re the same way then maybe we can vibe! I prefer someone around my age so we can talk about our similarities.
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2022.01.21 00:09 biskup97 Guide for beginners from a beginner

Okay so i will tell you how i play battle royal and make a guide. I started playing a month ago. First time playing a mobile game in my life and im at around 75% of time being in top 3.
Before the game: -adjust your settings on advanced and practice a bit to find the best button set ups for you - there are custom crates in the game where you can get a wepon that you customize before. So pick you favourite wepon and customize it before the game - always play with headphones
Start of the game: - land in a solid area but not the main ones. This will allow you to farm in peace, you will also find few people around you (usually bots) and you can hunt them down to get more stuff - find the wepon that suits you the best. I like using a combo of AR and smg. AR is kind of good in mid ranges and its still usable at long range (i prefer AS-val), and smg is great for close range and if you fight alot of opponents (i prefer fennec or ppsh). I avoid using snipers bc its really hard to hit anything. You have to be stationary and you make yoursefl an easy target. But than again if you are fighting against an other sniper its good to have one for yourself - find info about best add ons for your gunns and take the add ons even if they are not autopicked - always take care of the timmer so you are not underpressure from the storm - run without a wepon it makes you faster - its good to land on a place that has a helicopter (if you get one go for the crates as soon as you can) - dont be afraid to fight early on but be smart about it. Listen for your enemy movment and try to ambush him. - i prefer scout as your class. Its very good for knowing exactly where your enemy is and outplaying him
Mid game:

End game:
Im sure i forgot something. Anyway this is the way i play the game. Im not a pro but i think its useful for starters.
If you think i made any mistakes lease leave your advice in the comments.
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This sub is legit a combination of im14andthisisdeep, memes, and any LGBTQ sub
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2022.01.21 00:09 peliculin Charlie St. Cloud es un joven perdido en su pasado. Perseguido por una tragedia familiar que lo tiene atado a su hogar en un pequeño pueblo, él ha abandonado sus sueños. Pero cuando su vieja compañerade clases Tess vuelve de improviso al pueblo, Charlie se encuentra en las posibilidades de un

Charlie St. Cloud es un joven perdido en su pasado. Perseguido por una tragedia familiar que lo tiene atado a su hogar en un pequeño pueblo, él ha abandonado sus sueños. Pero cuando su vieja compañerade clases Tess vuelve de improviso al pueblo, Charlie se encuentra en las posibilidades de un submitted by peliculin to pelis28 [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 00:09 haber-trend Sıcak! | Havsada doğal gaz hattı döşeme çalışmaları #Havsa #Edirne #Türkiyeninilleri son saatin en çok aranan 14. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 4 gazetede yer alıyor.

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Racism MrFistir | Player Stats on Rainbow Six Siege | R6Tab (tabstats.com)
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2022.01.21 00:09 sandygws Investors dumping NETFLIX and Peloton is why crypto has been dropping hard tonight...

Netflix warning on subscriber growth sends stock plummeting

Sharp sell-off comes as investors dump shares in Peloton and other companies that prospered in the pandemic
Netflix warned subscriber growth would slow substantially in the first quarter, sending its stock price down by nearly 20 per cent in late trading on Thursday in the latest instance of investors dumping shares in companies that thrived during the pandemic.
The streaming company projected it would add just 2.5m subscribers in the first three months of this year, far fewer than the 4m it added in the first quarter of 2021 and well below analyst expectations that also stood at 4m.
Netflix’s disappointing forecast came as Peloton was forced to rush out preliminary second-quarter earnings to shore up investor confidence after CNBC reported the company was temporarily halting production of its connected fitness products. Shares in Peloton, one of the biggest beneficiaries of early Covid-19 lockdowns, fell by roughly a quarter following the report.
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