Safechaintoken ($SCT) - First KYC and Audit Token on DxSale | Hyper deflationary utility token | Only 250M Supply | 25M already burned | Safechainswap in Q4 | Featured on Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, Benzinga | Team fully doxxed | This will be your next Moonshot - don't miss it! |

Example Domain. This domain is for use in illustrative examples in documents. You may use this domain in literature without prior coordination or asking for permission. Google Images. The most comprehensive image search on the web. The online version of The Journal Newspapers, six daily newspapers in Fairfax County, Arlington County, Alexandria County and Prince William Counties in Virginia and Montgomery and Prince George's County in Maryland, merged to create a new daily newspaper for the DC metro area, The Examiner. TinyPic Has Ceased Operations. Due to an inability to support a high-quality free digital service that derives 100% of its revenue from ever declining on-site revenues, TinyPic has shut down its operations. Since joining Google in 2010, the Picnik team has been working on Picnik while helping to create photo editing magic in Google's products. But now we get to focus. What about my photos saved on other sites? Your photos stored or saved on other sites will remain intact and are not affected by our closure. Offers public and private event scheduling, to-do lists, weather, and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Palm devices. Coi Thien Thai - A Vietnamese Entertainment Network Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for., free web stats and stat counter, hit counter, free web tracker and tracking tools, stats counter

2021.10.25 17:44 dprinbvnvbn Safechaintoken ($SCT) - First KYC and Audit Token on DxSale | Hyper deflationary utility token | Only 250M Supply | 25M already burned | Safechainswap in Q4 | Featured on Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, Benzinga | Team fully doxxed | This will be your next Moonshot - don't miss it! |

Launched on the 24.10.2021 - 15:30 CEST on Pancakeswap. 🔥
1,5m MC + almost 2000 holders in under 24 hours!

Listed on Coin Market Cap and applied for CoinGecko!

Buy your $SCT on pancake now! Link on our website: 💎

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Full transparency and doxxed team with a long-term focus.

First token with full KYC and Audit on DxSale

🔒SolidProof Audit Report:
🔒Token lock:


Some of the published PR of Safechaintoken:

Yahoo Finance:





📍Total Supply: 250,000,000

📍Burned: 25M burned and another 25M in our burn wallet (locked) - 5M will be released every end of month and will be burned

📍Secure – Audit & KYC done with SolidProof

📍Giveaways on the weekends with our bounty wallet

📍Tax 10%: 5% Auto liquidity, 5% Redistribution to all holders

📃Contract 0xC3262500039696Ff8ef9830Fb422Ab32b15Bd366

🔗 Join the community and watch how a hyper deflationary low total supply token skyrocket to Neptune!






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2021.10.25 17:44 Cranksta No one can relax like Ko relaxes

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2021.10.25 17:44 juicysweatsuitz Mandatory road trip pics.

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2021.10.25 17:44 KCL80 That guy on your team who calls "cheat!" every time he dies.......

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2021.10.25 17:44 jobsinanywhere Pokemon Unite held item tier list (October 2021)

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2021.10.25 17:44 GlockPegger Charizard 1st edition base set

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2021.10.25 17:44 BigMacAndCoke2 Grong

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2021.10.25 17:44 jenseuwu astrid wett

anyone got astrid wetts only fans?
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2021.10.25 17:44 maxvideo127 El actor Luis Fernando Peña es papá nuevamente.

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2021.10.25 17:44 Fout99 PS Store won't even load.

I got 2 accounts, one US and the other where i live. The one i use to download things (not US) wont even load the store. It displays 'Please wait...' 3 seconds and goes back to home. Same when i try to access PS Plus. My US account has no problem and i can access the store with no issue.
Ive already rebuilt database, restarted it, restarted the wifi router, signed off and signed in my account, checked the location was not changed and it was all good. What should i do? This is driving me mad. I cant purchase my PS Plus subscription.
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2021.10.25 17:44 No-Look-007 stellanspice Stella ‘n Spice 🌶 · 2h ago Old school Korean lunchbox that my mom used to make ❤️ also seen on Squid Game! 옛날 도시락 #squidgame #dosirak #koreanlunchbox #bento #korean

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2021.10.25 17:44 jamesmyers5634 Hey looking for help paying for college selling nudes/videos will do anything dm me for kik

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2021.10.25 17:44 NoLifeYouHave Broke out my 18 wsm yesterday

I bought this in 2014 and a couple years ago bought a kettle and haven't used it in a long time. I'm not big on longer cooks using my kettle no matter what technique I've tried. Just too much radiant heat for smoking unless I get a slow n sear....maybe I'll get.
My wsm was in serious need of cleaning, so I did all that but the charcoal grate was completely rusted to the point broke when I picked it up and was in pieces. Went to Home Depot and got a new one but I got the wrong size ( I think it's meant for a 22 kettle or 22 inch WSM.
Good news is does work, just sits over the vents instead of right below it on with the original grate so now I don't need the ring nor worry about ash coming out. No pics but made my salt and pepper sliced chuck roast...took about 9 hours. I used water in the pan, but did have to reload a couple times using lump. I put a few pieces of hickory chunks BELOW the grate. This gave me the best, continuous wood smoke that didn't below with white smoke.
Does make me miss it but what I don't miss is cleaning it. I have no cover and my patio is out in the elements so I have to flip the mid section to keep water from coming in, that is what I really hated about the WSM. Why in the hell did they not make the lip go over the mid section like the lip goes over on the kettle?🤨 I hope there is another WSM version someday and maybe raise it up a little taller and put a ash pan (no vents) so I don't have to take the bottom section all out just to dump ash. 😀
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2021.10.25 17:44 fiveyrsfromnow Moda Windsor Apartments?

I am an international student about to move to slc in December. I was wondering if anyone lived in these apartments before
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2021.10.25 17:44 Utterly_Mad We happy, bear bois

We happy, bear bois
They will add the Dragon effect on R in Prestige Voli soon :D
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2021.10.25 17:44 Jaldrada Stylized Character Modeler & Animator Needed

I'm looking for someone to lend a hand in creating character models. In the past I've paid modelers by commission, but if you have a different request I'm open to discussing terms! If interested, please see the details and contact information below.
The initial commission would be for the creation of a base character model and some simple animations. Once finished, there would be further requests for the creation of components to add onto this base such as hair, clothing, and other accessories. The aesthetic would be stylized and I would supply several reference images and details. This is for a fantasy, high-magic project.
For contact, please feel free to reach out on Discord (Async#9211). I don't often use Reddit, but I'll try and actively monitor my messages and this post.
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2021.10.25 17:44 JanCarpenter Λένα Πλάτωνος - Witches

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2021.10.25 17:44 bestsecretsilver Best secret mеmbеship with the silver status at the registration

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2021.10.25 17:44 bordoisse CC403 - eMoney Stablecoins DAPP on the Cosmos Ecosystem

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2021.10.25 17:44 fatherfvcker Normal? Probably. Still feel sad/alone about the situation.

Women suck when they’re in relationships. I had a friend and for privacy purposes we will name her Sue. Sue’s boyfriend was stationed in Iraq for several months, we hadn’t quiet become friends yet until the first or second month of her boyfriend being gone. When we reconnected and started hanging out together we did a lot of things almost every weekend. We texted fairly often and made plans whenever we could. It was honestly great to have a “best friend” again, I haven’t had one since I was young. A part of me always knew that once her boyfriend came back she would be distant, especially given how much she talked about him. They haven’t been together long which I understand the “honeymoon” phase exists. I also can’t judge too much as I have “been there, done that” with several relationships and what I mean by that is dropping off the face of the earth to only spend time with what I thought was the… love of my life. Let’s fast forward to Sue’s boyfriend coming back from deployment. My first time meeting him is at her house because we were carpooling to the renaissance festival in our hometown. Super nice guy, by the way. I’m so very happy he makes her happy. I didn’t think much had changed as we kept up most of our conversation on the drive there, just me and her. When we got there, the only time I exchanged words with Sue’s boyfriend is if she went to the bathroom alone. This felt odd because, well I know she has trust issues but I’m in a relationship and would never impede on someone else’s love life. But, it is what it is.. I even told her we had brief conversations when she asked me what I thought of him. I did and didn’t have a good time, if I’m honest. The great time came from being able to dress up and getting somewhat intoxicated. The not so great time happened when I was constantly ignored or excluded. I would be trying to have conversations with her and she would either; ignore what I said or if her boyfriend chimed in on the topic, ONLY respond to what he said and put her entire attention on him. If she saw something that she wanted to point out while walking around she would only point it out to him. I wasn’t on my phone or doing anything when this would happen, I was standing right next to them or behind them. I’ve never been a third-wheel before.. so maybe that’s what I experienced? I definitely didn’t like it and when I’m with my boyfriend I try extra hard to include others. I’m just sad, I really liked our friendship and of course I won’t stop being her friend over this. That’s unnecessary. But I definitely don’t think I’ll be coming around much when it’s just the three of us.
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2021.10.25 17:44 Bogbot_wins2 Chart looking to break somewhere, hopefully up!

Check the 30d chart. Its coiling itself nicely, higher and higher low points. its got to give soon. Normally id say it looks to break up sharply, but this is crypto, so anything can happen!
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2021.10.25 17:44 YoyoPewdiepie To the survivor that hid in a locker when I was trying to get my Evil Incarnate achievement

I know I said some really sweet things after the game and on your steam profile, but that was actually infuriating. After so many tries I finally get 3 kills and you decide to hide in a locker and dc after 10 minutes. I don't know who hurt you, but please don't take it out on others. And to the players that don't like hurting people's feelings, is there any way to counter the survivor going into the locker?
Yours Truly,
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2021.10.25 17:44 Dantello1 Finansavisen: Glohet etterspørsel etter Bitcoin-baserte fond

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2021.10.25 17:44 No_Instance_4105 How difficult is it to find a job?

Hi everyone!
I am heavily considering going into school social work and have been researching the field for a while now. However, one common thread that I have been seeing is how competitive it is to find a job. In particular, I am looking to move out to the West coast, where I've heard SSW are less common. How difficult was it to find a job as a school social worker?
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2021.10.25 17:44 Yeqzz In August I decided to make an Ironman account, today I passed my total level on it :D Tons of fun!

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