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PSA: Feeling connective tissue, joint, ligament, or finger soreness is not normal and almost always a sign that your frequency, volume and intensity are too high

2021.10.25 17:40 eshlow PSA: Feeling connective tissue, joint, ligament, or finger soreness is not normal and almost always a sign that your frequency, volume and intensity are too high

With in the influx of injury threads, I'm going to talk about this more. I've posted this article from Renaissance periodization several times before here when discussing these topics. It's specifically written for hypertrophy, but it applies pretty all tissues because of the SAID principle (specific adaptations to impose demands).
Here's a visual description of the concepts discussed in said article above.
The article is not 100% accurate but a general representation. Biological processes run generally follow curvature responses (e.g. hormesis is one that is different than a more standardized adaptation bell curve), but they can differ depending on the amount of adaptation to various stresses.
Generally speaking, most connective tissue, pulley, joint, and such soreness happens when you are ranging into MRV or past that. The overuse injury risk is high. 99% of the time people need to back off substantially on either the intensity or volume or both at these times and let the tissues recover. Then they can build up slowly. Incremental progress.
Typically, the maximal adaptive volume range for most of us non-professional climbers is somewhere in the 3x a week range and stopping right before or right at when your maximal performance starts to drop in a session. For most people that's probably about 1.5-2 hours or so with adequate rest times. Work capacity can increase depending on your fitness and how long you've been climbing so it can shift up which is why you have people able to make good progress at 4-5x a week and slightly longer sessions, but jumping into such increased frequency and longer sessions takes month if not years to build up to.
Let's look at an example of myself from several years ago and my training now. One that was closer to MRV and one that is closer to MEV.
Several years ago I was:

Made solid progress but was probably closer to MRV range or so as I got some aches and pain here and there. Now I literally go for:
Make progress with all of the 3 areas and am feeling stronger on the wall too. Part of it right now is my recovery isn't as good with a newborn, but most of the time people drastically overestimate the amount they need to do to make progress. Being closer to the MEV-MAV range is often better than trending toward the MRV range especially if it's your fingers, connective tissues, and joints feeling it.
This isn't to say what I'm doing is optimal, but it's not something I'm in isolation saying about this type of stuff. Tyler Nelson talked a bit about this in The Nugget Podcast in the section on: 1:22:58 – Emil Abrahamsson, Keith Bar, and the “No Hangs” hangboard protocol
Tyler speculates the reason why some lower intensity stuff might work for a bunch of people is because it's deloading. People gotta fit in all the things like climbing, working out, hangboard, campus board, and whatever all the time, but maybe everyone is just doing too much and the deload is what is helping substantially.
He also speculates earlier in the podcast (which I agree with) that he looked at how some of the pro climbers sending V15-16 were training like 5-6x a week for several hours at a time and thinks they could probably be doing V17-18. However, the thing holding them back is the fact that they're in a chronically overreaching/overtrained state so their performance in lowered. If they dropped to a reasonable schedule they could probably send harder.
The Alex Puccio program discussion comes to mind in that respect. Not knocking on her, but this is generally something most people have to learn over time by themselves unless they have really good coaches... and most coaches in climbing at least for now don't know a whole lot about implementing quality structured programs based on injury prevention and periodization.
In any case, getting back to the topic: you do not need soreness, achiness, or anything like that to progress in most attributes. The one exception is specific hypertrophy training and you only want to be somewhat soreness to make sure you get enough eccentric damage to the muscle. You want to be fully recovered for the next session for the muscles. However, joint, ligament, connective tissue, and pulley soreness is detrimental and increases your susceptibility not just for overuse injuries but for catastrophic injuries like pulley tears as well as the tissue is already chronically overused.
Don't make training mistakes that can injure you for the long run. Back off and find frequency, intensity, and volume where these symptoms are not happening.
Don't have time to go over specific injuries, but most people who have been here for years know about my other injury articles on climbing include: pulleys, tendonitis / tendinopathy, PIP synovitis, low back, and general treatment of hand and finger injuries.
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2021.10.25 17:40 macedonianmoper About GBL legendary pokemon rewards...

Let's say I've reached level 20 already, I win 3 games of the set and don't claim the reward.
If I wait for the next legendary raid, and THEN claim it, will it change to the new legendary or stay on the previous one (Assuming I do get the legendary).
I ask simply because with Ultra league I'm no longer able to compete like I was in great league, and I have enough Darkrai
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2021.10.25 17:40 Shitbagels Am I being naive?

So I live on the south coast, with the South Downs to my north. Easy access. I’ve foraged for edible mushrooms for a few years and I can usually find enough on a trip, but I’ve never looked for magic mushroomed before this Autumn. Is it likely that a total rank amateur will just stumble across them in a field or am I kidding myself (and wasting my time)?
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I use light mode with the inverted color setting on
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Currently downloading FM22, could someone give me a beta save that isn’t Newcastle as unfortunately for me I’m a sunderland fan, really unsure who to go with
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2021.10.25 17:40 DrAliMac Soundproof rooms in the city

A service where you let out soundproof rooms by the half hour, in cities. Because it is almost Impossible to get real quiet in a city, but also because you may want to be very noisy without anyone hearing you, for example:

Some set-up costs, but the rooms do not have to be sound studio quality, just enough that the noise can not get out. Minimal running costs.
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In my last game, after extending my house, I removed the crib. My spouse never asked if I wanted to have kids. Did anybody else do this?
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2021.10.25 17:40 Cleverusername18 Only need $20-$30 to put some gas in my car

I've been unemployed since the end of July and after 200+ applications I finally have some interviews this week. 3 of them but they are all 20 minute drives from my house and I have just enough to get to the gas station. If anyone could lend a hand I would be very grateful.
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2021.10.25 17:40 wildkiller65 Anyone have ceiling lights run and installed recently? Costs? Recommendations?

Hey all. My wife and I are on the hunt for ceiling lights installation.
Currenrly our light switch turns on a plug outlet that we have a lamp plugged into... so we don't get much light... so we would need a full rewiring by electrician. Attic is easily accessible... but that's as much as I know.
Anyone done this recently and if so how much did it set you back? Any recommendations on electricians?
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Does anyone know of any scientific research to back what this guy is saying? It is Dr Berry who claims you can essentially fast your skin away.
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