I found a weird board for some kind to board game. Where can I ask about it?

2021.09.25 07:39 PancakePrinceAkechi I found a weird board for some kind to board game. Where can I ask about it?

Just wondering where I can ask.
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2021.09.25 07:39 MaliumSupres Looking for Aussie players.

I am looking for some people to play Factorio with.
37 Aussie male, wanting to play around 5pm EST or really anytime I am online.
Am up for playing modded or un modded. Just want to build a factory and have some fun. Voice chat 1 - 1000 people not worried just as long as we all have a good time. I have 130 hours but pretty much all modded. 46228947 is my Steam friend code.
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2021.09.25 07:39 the961com Today’s Lebanese Lira/US Dollar Exchange Rate: September 25th, 2021

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2021.09.25 07:39 _ne0h_ How to Remove Firefox Snap from Ubuntu (21.10 +) And Alternatives

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2021.09.25 07:39 shanabailey BAOFENG UV-11R 1500mAh Walkie Talkie for 39.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $49.99)

Here is the link (Banggood): BAOFENG UV-11R 1500mAh Walkie Talkie
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BG454b25
Current price is $39.99. The lowest price in my database is $49.99 on 24.9.2021.There're already 4 records in DB. Price monitoring since 15.9.2021!
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It's a real discount and real deal.
You can also check other channels:

  1. FB group
  2. Telegram
Image: https://i.imgur.com/MJjPjCF.jpg
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2021.09.25 07:39 This-Abbreviations62 Stripping down to string thongs to make you cum

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2021.09.25 07:39 Old_Refrigerator1811 Photopea

Photopea am seeing small and tinny icons what is the issue with my mac
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2021.09.25 07:39 MysticMach Weekly Topics #16 (Law 31- Control the Options: Get Others to Play With the Cards You Deal)

Hello and welcome to the 16th edition of the Weekly Topics. Today we are discussing Law 31- Control the Options: Get Others to Play with the Cards You Deal) from the 48 Laws of Power.
Words like “freedom,” “options,” and “choice” evoke within us possibilities that are often far more expansive than the reality of the benefits they entail. Many of us, when faced with limitless options are quite pleased to have the freedom to choose, but when put into practice are paralyzed by analysis over our options. This is the Google dilemma. We are faced with infinite knowledge, yet without a clear mission or purpose in choosing what to search, we often do not know what to search because there is too much choice. In a power dynamic, this problem manifests itself in an indecisive ruler, which is best exploited if you are in an advisory position and can be done so in a few ways:
First, we can utilize the “Color the Choices” strategy whereby we propose three or four solutions to the problem but present them in such a way that your preferred course of action always seems to be the best solution.
Second, we can utilize the “Alter the Playing Field” strategy whereby we disguise our intentions outright but then slowly but surely take away your victim’s autonomy to make decisions on their own because you have strong armed their position. The end game of this strategy results in your opponent knowing that their hand was forced, but it no longer matters as they are powerless. This is very much a monopolizing strategy and was a favorite of John D. Rockefeller.
Lastly, although there are other examples in the chapter that are worth reading, for brevity we have the “shrinking options” strategy whereby we raise the price or offer lesser quality options every time the buyer hesitates, and another day goes by. This is an excellent negotiating ploy to use on the chronically indecisive who fall for the idea that they are getting a better deal today than if they wait until tomorrow.
This law is multi-faceted as it not only has utility in advisory positions, but has utility in personal branding along with our reputations. We can control how we are perceived by others by carefully crafting our persona and being intentional with our words and actions so that they are perceived by others in the way we wish they would perceive them. For example, Adolf Hitler spent countless hours watching himself talk in the mirror and taking pictures of himself performing tasks, so that he could tailor his body language and posture to look better in the eyes of the German public. This had great effect as he was beloved by the German people, and he had an aura around him that he was their true savior. They would not think this had he not been so intentional about crafting his appearance and persona. In this sense, you can control the narrative surrounding how you are perceived.
Some starter questions to get the ball rolling:
How have you used this law to constrain the choices of others? What was the result?
How often do you encounter this law’s dynamic? What are your experiences with being on either side of it?
What is your favorite strategy to constrain choice? Why?
How have you used this law to tailor your public image in a positive way?
What are some business/marketing examples of corporations/businesses constraining consumer choices?
For the optimal experience, Weekly Topics discussions are also held in our Discord server: https://discord.gg/NFJGEvvv
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2021.09.25 07:39 surefaced The prophecy revealed?

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2021.09.25 07:39 maximusfpv Stage counting bug? [PC, no mods, info in comments]

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2021.09.25 07:39 POLKER_PKR PKR staking is now live!

It's the time we have been waiting for , $100,000 staking pool is now live!
Don't Miss Out -Be a part of it today
Stake Here: https://game.polker.game/stake

Processing img 830oq56s6lp71...
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2021.09.25 07:39 ToiletMassacreof64 Laggy servers? I'm on PC

First of all changing tabs in the menu makes my frames dip to 10
Second of all I'm losing gun fights where the first half of my bullets don't seem to be registering but very occasionally. I'm barrel stuffing people on rebirth and still lose the gun fight some how.
Anybody experiencing these things too?
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2021.09.25 07:39 RLoret USS Arkansas (BB-33) in the North Atlantic, February 1944 [2048x1472]

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2021.09.25 07:39 Carson_Harrington How do you build like with a girl/woman, if they all refuse to spend time with you and they only way your quality can show if through time together?

Coming from a guy that seemingly *can not* win the first 3 minutes with looks, charm, impressive conversation or otherwise, how to do you generate a positive reception to the prospect of time together?
In other words, what did you do or say specifically with your girlfriend/wife in the first meeting that generated an openness to more time together?
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2021.09.25 07:39 l0_-_0l [iOS] GoMusic - Video player ($2.99 to Free)

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2021.09.25 07:39 mrobinson0828 [NC] What happens when 2 people who file for custody of their grandchild separate before court?

Just a bit more info:
Social services for involved with my nephew (3 months now) when he was born and he was placed with my mom and step-dad. The social worker and my mom/step dad came to an agreement that they would file for custody of him so social services wouldn't have to take custody.
Court kept getting continued, babies put strains on weak marriages, and my mom and step dad split up. My mom took the baby and left him, but they haven't been to court for custody. The next court date is in 2 weeks and I'm not sure what will happen next.
Will they have to fight for custody of him? My sister has agreed to give custody to our mom but it isn't that simple since they already filed together. Our step-dad has no blood relation but my mom was a stay at home wife/parent and has no income currently.
It's late so I'll make this short but will answer any questions. I can't sleep worrying over my nephew. Please any advice.
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2021.09.25 07:39 Chaosvolt Arcana Update: The "Shrike's Talons" Update

Self-PR'd here so I can keep tinkering with it and get feedback: https://github.com/chaosvolt/cdda-arcana-mod/pull/205
Shrike's Talons is meant to be a foil of Via Gladium Et Malleo in many ways, fitting given each is associated with rival factions. Both are balanced towards taking on a group of enemies and work primarily with weapons fitting for the faction using it. Via Gladium Et Malleo is meant to encourage hit-and-run tactics or spreading out stunning attacks to wear down multiple enemies at once, while Shrike's Talons encourages more aggressive gameplay that focuses attacks on one enemy in the group at a time.
Some particular contrasts: * Via Gladium Et Malleo provides a mix of both offensive and defensive buffs as you fight, but without direct damage increases. Killing enemies mitigates/reduces the impact of built-up offensive buffs but shifts focus to additional defensive buffs. Shrike's Talons increases your offense as you fight, including effects that add to direct damage, but debuff your defenses. Killing enemies expands the offensive buffs but also mitigates the defensive debuffs. * Via Gladium Et Malleo is focused primarily on two classes of weapons used by mage hunters, swords and hammers/maces, and the buff/technique setup differs depending on which you use. Unarmed attacks and weapons gain some benefit, but lose out on the momentum mechanic forming the core of the style. Shrike's Talons is focused on an eclectic mix of edged weapons, only some are faction-specific, and the core mechanics are the same regardless of which weapon type you use. Unarmed attacks gain additional support that actively benefits mutants with claws, and unarmed users can access the same core mechanics as with weapons (requiring claw mutations for bare fists to fully benefit), but only a select few unarmed weapons are able to benefit from the style's abilities. * Via Gladium Et Malleo's effects are static in intenisty per stack, giving modest and consistent bonuses to affected properties. Shrike's Talons make heavy use of strength and dexterity scaling. A superhuman character will get bonuses much higher than what Via Gladium Et Malleo grants, but an average or below-average character will suffer for it. * Arcana skill is implied to be used by Via Gladium Et Malleo for support and defense, channeling physical momentum to direct it towards things like protecting against exotic damage types, or for bypassing armor vs. hardening your own defense depending on weapon type. Its most anomalous effect if Battle Ward, where that momentum is used to provide armor against exotic damage types. Shrike's Talons implies the use aggression and adrenaline to directly magnify offensive power, improving damage and armor penetration primarily. Its most anomalous effect is Exsanguination, which includes actively feeding off violence to add cold-type damage to your follow-up attacks.
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2021.09.25 07:39 Agusmarvel96 If im under demonic oppresion , can i have a girlfriend or one night stand?

Hello christian brothers , how are u all? If i have demonic oppresion (demons from the outside harrasing me) can i have one night stand and then be delivered? Or i have to abstain from sex? (I have an incubus and sucubus harrasing me)
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2021.09.25 07:39 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 07:39 Feeling-You-4091 .

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2021.09.25 07:39 SkyTraderStocks NEXT VIDEO ABOUT THE PROCESS SUNDAY NIGHT @ 5PM

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2021.09.25 07:39 thewackgamer Hey fellow teenagers

I am staying up til morning light (it’s currently 12:00 where I live) and I need things to do other than watch YouTube and browse Reddit lol
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2021.09.25 07:39 General_Freed Update all Button?

I am not using my Computer often, but Everytime I start it up, there are Updates to some games and steam queues them for somewhen in the future.
Is there something like an "Update everything NOW" Button? Just can't find something like that and starting all updates by clinking just isn't viable.
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2021.09.25 07:39 bleach_chan [14NB] looking for a long-term friend to vc with

hihi, I'm Junni and as the title suggests, I'm looking for someone to voice chat with sometimes, not every single day but often. We could chat about anything, I love to ramble and rant and love to hear others do the same. We can chat about hobbies, interests, videogames, whatever! I'm looking for someone who's down to vc now or sometime soon.
My only requirements:
- You are either a part of the lgbtq or supportive of the community because I'm non-binary and a lesbian
- You're under 18
- You're fine with late-night vcs and don't mind me accidentally sleeping on the call
annnnnd that's about it! Anyone that fits those requirements is welcomed! I have discord and google hangouts, I'd prefer hangouts but discord is also okay! Also please don't ghost me afterward, I'm looking for long-term friends.
Another small note: I live in the EDT timezone, idk if that's important but it's still something I'll add
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2021.09.25 07:39 oversoe Concerned about the low weight of my dog

We’ve had I little Samoyed boy for a week now, and he’s turned 9 weeks.
I’m a bit concerned as he only weighs 4kg.
He was the smallest male and the smallest in the litter, so it’s not something new. He was not as tall as the rest.
Mommy weighs 20kg and daddy weighs 25kg.
Is this normal, or should we get him checked for worms or something?
He’s sleeping about 15 hours a day and is very energetic the rest of the time.
He does eat 3 times a day, and doesn’t lack appetite.
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