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Fixed PRICE per account is ( 3.00$ USD ) Cheaper than a cup of coffee!
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Also offering: in-bulk at discount!
Instagram page: @ TH3INTENSE
Discord: https://discord.gg/FaaEcSTRPh
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2021.09.25 07:46 Tifun0 Run

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2021.09.25 07:46 SassyTharoor Anarchist Nehru ☭😍

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2021.09.25 07:46 Peculiarpotat Faces aren’t my strong suit[Artwork]

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2021.09.25 07:46 A-Hopeless-Romantic Bruh why can't I drink anything cold without having a coughing fit afterwards?

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2021.09.25 07:46 stillborn_Soup "Just remember kiddo, whatever you do I'll always be right behind you."

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2021.09.25 07:46 sourfruit16 How does FTX withdrawal fees work? Is it better than coinbase pro?

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2021.09.25 07:46 dtn_06 Yeah baby

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2021.09.25 07:46 Fangirldidlie 🍂✨

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2021.09.25 07:46 zunaira88 Spiderpool offers different discounts and promotions on its current rates.

Reliable Mining Pool for higher profits. Focus on ETH BTC BSV BCH. Spiderpool offers different discounts and promotions on its current rates. Founded in 2018, Spiderpool entered the top five largest Ethereum mining pools. Check details on https://www.spiderpool.com.
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2021.09.25 07:46 PinwheelsAndUnicorns Rancher? Outlaw? Everyone is trying to guess what the next Roles will be, but Rockstar already leaked it in-game

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2021.09.25 07:46 Low_Outlandishness90 Computer blinks to life when powered on then blinks back off

I had made a recent change from intel to ryzen and so that came with the obvious motherboard change (TUF gaming X570-Pro [wifi]), a ram change (g.skill ripjaws 2X 8gb ddr4) and originally a Eva 500 w psu.
Originally when putting it all together it would blink to life with fans moving for a second and turn back off leaving the motherboard is the same glowing state. After troubleshooting everything to be sure I defaulted to buying a psu with more wattage and I settled on the Aresgame GL1000.
Now with the new Psu I made sure to do all the connections again and did everything over as I plug it on and flip the switch the motherboard glows as expected but as I go to press the power on button I can hear a loud click that seems to be coming from the psu and I’m just at a lost I blame the frustration from the previous extensive troubleshooting but I just don’t have the energy to continue without guidance
If anyone could help that would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time :)
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2021.09.25 07:46 rubyzd [For hire] oil on canvas , commissioned work

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2021.09.25 07:46 PepperOnSweetPotato 29 [M4F] Looking for a single lady in her 20s or older (preferably North American, European or Aussie/NZ time zones) for an open-minded exploration 😉

Hey! I'm a mixed bag of funny and pensive, thoughtful and light-hearted. If such conversational transitions do not bother you, and if you're up for checking out if we are on the same wavelengths, I think you hit the jackpot 😝
I'm going to be sorta specific about what I'm looking for, but it's not coming from a place of entitlement, but rather it stems from my desire to save us both time. I'm attached to the idea of an introductory audio call on some messaging app (no video, and could be entirely anonymous). I find it the best way to actually ascertain if our personalities might be compatible for an online friendship. In terms of the nature of the interaction... I'm not set in my ways in that regard, if you wouldn't find my charm that enticing, I'm very respectful and mindful of that, and we could keep it entirely platonic and SFW. That being said, in either case, I'm looking for a lady that is single.
I'm very much into literature, art history, popular science, cat videos, random musings about life, and I could be a good listening ear.
Feel free to contact me 🙂
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2021.09.25 07:46 amiful BMO Harris Crossborder USD transfer to Canadian Based USD account

Hello everyone,
To those who are looking to transfer their USD money from a US bank account to their Canadian based USD account, give BMO Harris a try. It was quite easy to open a BMO Harris Account (US account for USD); minimum deposit to open the account is 25$ USD. Once opened, they give you a debit card for US use. If you have a BMO Canadian USD account, you can transfer from BMO Harris to BMO Canadian USD account for free ( no wire transfer fee). I sell through Depop and my USD goes into BMO Harris via my US PayPal, therefore, I was able to transfer the money I make from Depop back to my BMO Canadian USD Account for investments to avoid conversion fees.
Happy weekend
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2021.09.25 07:46 rylokohen LF: deoxys forms, shaymin sky, hoopa, vivillion fancy/pokeball, or any other events FT: pics

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2021.09.25 07:46 nemutai4520 Anyone can teach me how to love someone well?

Hello! I’m 17 Japanese boy;) I don’t have any experiences enough so I want to know how to love someone well for the near future, idm if you don’t know about it much, please tell me your nice/bad experiences and I’ll learn from yours✏️ And I think we will basically break up after that but if you think it’s exiting to talk to me, I want to continue to be your friend! Please come to my DM if you interest😄
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2021.09.25 07:46 kmoy31828 I have said this before and I am going to say it again, I’m tired of seeing a new post of “I hate Frank” “I hate Lip” “I hate Debbie” “I hate Fiona”.

The ACTUAL person we should all be hating is Ian.
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2021.09.25 07:46 GenkoNoMiko Azelf raid on me

Azelf raid on me 1410 5632 0301.
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2021.09.25 07:46 Mr57yl 33 [M4F] Clean Chats.

I live in Queensland, Australia.
I game. It would be nice if you were to game too. PC master race. Also Switch.
Come at me with those DMs.
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2021.09.25 07:46 UltimateLazer What an average day look like in New York, 1978

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2021.09.25 07:46 2Purplepancakes Unsure

I'm afab but I've never really felt completely like a girl. As I got older and got my period this only got worse. Anything to do with female reproduction makes me feel so uncomfortable in my body. I definitely am not a boy, but I have never really felt like a girl. I don't really feel in between either, but more detached from the concept of gender all together. I've always thought of myself as just a person, maybe leaning a little towards being a girl. I recently came across the concept of agender and it sounded similar to how I feel, but I really don't know if I'm agender or maybe a demigirl or something else entirely. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated, sorry for the ramble :)
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2021.09.25 07:46 Jon3890 I'm talking to a kinda obscure musician on instagram and I could use some advice

I (16 male) have been talking to a kinda obscure musician (39 male) on insta for 3 days. I don't want to reveal his name cause it just doesn't feel right. Anyway I have been a fan of a band he is a member of for a while and wanted to dm him even though I assumed he wouldn't respond. To my surprise he did and we have been talking lightly. He gave me really good life advice and he told me about really personal stuff he went through. He has never told anyone about it to my knowledge. He only sends me like 3 to 4 texts per day but I think we might have connected just a tiny bit. I really want to continue talking to him and maybe even become friends with him. The problem is I want to know if he actually wants to be friends with me and talk with me more. He really helped me with anxiety crap a lot so i really want to have closer relationship with him because tbh I need more people like him in my life but I don't want to creep him out or annoy him. Anyway last night I asked him what the craziest place he's been to was and he left me on read. I don't know if I should just text him again or wait. What do you guys think? And to make it clear I'm not looking for a romantic relationship with him or anything and im straight. I just want more support in my life. Thanks
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2021.09.25 07:46 heinaga1989 Trade Fighter - Get Rich or Get Rekt -Join the Train & Fight

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Trade Fighter- BULLS VS BEARS!

Trade Fighter is a simple, fun and innovative decentralized crypto-asset price prediction protocol built on Binance Smart Chain. Trade Fighter provides an easy-to-use gamified platform through its extensive multi-layered offering of different token pairs for prediction from bluechip crypto assets e.g. BTC and ETH to Meme inspired tokens like DOGE and SHIBU INU. Platform allows users to make up to 97% profit on their pledged capital if correct over different time prediction periods. Trade Fighter will bring the smoothest, easiest, and most advanced DeFi prediction experience to its users.

You can checkout our website for more information: http://www.tradefighter.io/


Telegram: https://t.me/trade_fighter

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Trade_Fighter

Discord: https://discord.gg/QdHaHTTp

If you have any questions regarding the project, please feel free to drop them under comment
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2021.09.25 07:46 SOMBREIN Got banned on ranboo discord server HELP

I got banned at ranboo, discord server, and i dont know who am i supose to talk to fix this, pls help.
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